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Medison was established in 1995 and has today been formed into Medison Group with several divisions world wide. The vision is to build a Global Nation without borders.

The way to reach the goal goes through involving some life processes into one long chain of life events that we all go though. We start learning and most of us go to school. But learning can take place outside school as well, as long as there are great mentors, coaches and teachers. Learning doesn't stop when we graduate. School is supposed to teach us how to always go on learning. Life should be a life long learning and never stop.

Learning should not be about a diploma and the award should not have to be a job, although if the job is something we are passionate about doing it can be a reward itself. This is why Medison is offering a job positions to all students that go through Medison University. All students and team members also get to earn M Coins that can be used in our online store and the other divisions. 

For those who don't want to work within Medison Group, the company still offers collaboration and helps with starting up a new company, crowdfunding, venture partnering and marketing. 

Medison Group wants to be a part of sharing knowledge, facts and science to people all over the planet. The importance of correct, non censored and non edited news can not be emphasized enough for being able to questioning and learn new facts and avoid building up wrong presumptions abut other people and cultures. That is why the Medison Group's news and media divisions are central and well connected to the rest of the company.

Within Medison Group there are divisions with food, health care and medicine, design and development and research. All of them are essential to us as human beings and in coexistence with one another. 

Medison Group is open to people who believe in a world wide nation with no borders. A shared vision about a better world and a world with respect between people and appreciation of animals and all living life on this planet.

Are you willing to become a part of Medison Group?    

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 There is information on Wikipedia about Medison. All of that information has been written by people who have never had any contact with Medison or its founders. 

Wikipedia is, in our opinion, not liable due to disinformation that can be spread through that media. This is why we present our facts on our own site.

Medison is an English company that has been registered in the UK since 2007. Prior to that the company headquarter was in Sweden since the beginning of 1995. 

In 2007 Medison got world wide known for its Medison Celebrity laptop that was offered at a price of $150. In only 3 weeks over 600,000 laptops had been ordered all around the world. Single moms, teenagers, company owners and even governments from several countries ordered the laptop.

The unique idea behind the laptop was to offer a good laptop with internet connection at a price that could be affordable to people who normally could not afford to buy a computer. "It is a matter of democracy", said the founder and CEO of Medison. 

Medison was at some time starting to get accused for scam even before the deliveries could be made. Several competing rivals started spreading false rumors to prevent Medison from fulfilling the shipping of the ordered laptops.

The false information spread on blogs, forums and through online news sites saying not even a LED-screen alone could be sold at the price of a Medison Celebrity laptop. 

Anonymous and fiction figures stated they had received t-shirts, bricks or other items instead of a laptop, although none of these were proven to have ordered anything from Medison, nor did Medison send those alleged items to the so-called customers.

At a press conference in Stockholm on August 1st, 2007, Medison could present the Medison Celebrity Laptop and also explained the business model for the company. 

In September 2007 the company 2Checkout (an American online payment service company who handled all the credit card orders for Medison) announced they had released all payment reservations to people who had ordered a Medison Celebrity Laptop. Each and every customers got their money back and no one was charged for a laptop that was not delivered. 

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