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Medison Group is a visionary, innovative and helping company who wants to increase democracy, empower people with better knowledge from all over the world and also spread facts (and not rumors based on controlled media and governments) through Medison Globe - the Modern Media Center where people from all over the world can broadcast LIVE from what ever is happening.
Medison is a place where VISIONS BECOME REALITY.


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Medison history

Medison was founded 1995 in Jönköping, south of Sweden. The company grew fast and had soon offices in 4 cities in Sweden. The first products and services were based around Internet, media and education. The most known were Edison, Planeten, Pejlaren and SQUID.

Medison was an important lecturing company during the 90's, always ahead and with scientific education forms and information technology experience. As an example Medison was the first company in Sweden to give university-based classes in IT, HTML and multimedia on campus.

Between the years 1996 and 2000 Medison had close partnership with the universities all over in Sweden and in some European countries. It was of high importance that our products were scientifically approved. This was the best way to guarantee our target groups good products and services.

The company started expanding not only geographically to other countries, but also with new spin-off companies, all founded and lead by the Medison management team. Intelligentia International, Swedish Keys, United Keys and Freelance Agency are some of them.

By the year of 2001 Medison was expanding to Silicon Valley in California. Medison became not only a producer of products and services but also developer of new, innovative products. Some of them are today patented. Medison now become a consulting company helping several companies and organizations to develop their businesses, products and services.

In July 2007 Medison launched its first laptop called Medison Celebrity. In media all over the globe it was named the world's cheapest laptop since the price was $150. Medison was also accused for putting up this as a scam, but in August 2007 the managers held a press conference around the product and could also show the existence of its product and as an organization.

Medison was later acknowledged for having the vision and that it had predicted the use of netbooks. The prices of laptops also have been dropping down since they introduced their affordable price.

Today Medison has tuned into an ad-selling e-commerce company that works with several partners offering quality products and services.

business philosophy
Medison is an ad-selling e-commerce company that works with several partners offering quality products and services. Our goal is to provide the global market with affordable products as well as access to services and tools for better living and participation in the democratic process. Medison is building a business and customer culture before products, because at the end of the day, all that matters is building something great and lasting.
- Founder of Medison
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